Our Services

Process Design

•  Process Simulation & Process Optimization    (Typical tool: HYSYS)


•  Flow Sheet development with Heat and    Material balances


•  Preparation of PFD and P&ID


•  Specifications for Process Equipment and    Instruments


•  Basic Engineering Package for Process    Units, Utilities


•  Conceptual Top-side Layout


•  Process Control Philosophy


•  Process Shutdown Philosophy (Normal &    Emergency)


•  Cause and Effect Diagram


•  Assistance for HAZOP Studies

Mechanical Equipment Selection

•  Selecting and Specifying :


•  Compressors, Blowers & Fans-Pumps


•  Turbines & Engines


•  Preparation of Data Sheets and Purchase    Specifications


•  Requisitioning and Review of Vendor 

   Drawings / Specifications.


•  Vibration Analysis

Instrument Control & Design

•  Instrumentation Design Basis


•  Control Philosophy and Specifications


•  Detailed Engineering and Specifications for :

   - Distributed Control Systems

   - Programmable Logic Controllers

   - Emergency Shut Down Systems


•  Fire and Gas Detection System Philosophy and    Specification


•  Sizing of Control Valves, Flow Elements, Safety    Valves, etc.


•  Data Sheets/Specifications for Instruments,    Control Valves, Safety Relief Valves etc.


•  Instrument Bulk Material Take-off


•  Cable Selection and Scheduling


•  Control Room Design including Panel, Console    Layouts


•  Cable Tray Layout and Conduit Routing


•  Instrument Installation Hook-ups


•  Instrument Loop Diagrams


•  Instrument Indexing


•  Review of Vendor Drawings and Documents

Piping & Design Layout

•  Detail Layout for Overall Topside


•  Equipment Layout Drawings


•  Piping Materials Specifications


•  Specifications for Specialty Items


•  Piping General Arrangement (GA)


•  Piping Isometrics


•  Pipe Stress Analysis (Typical tool : CAESAR II)


•  Pipe Support Design


•  Material Take Off (MTO)

Structural Design Analysis

 •  Design, modeling and analysis- offshore    structures


•  Structural Analysis (Typical tools: SACS, GT    Strudel, FEA)

   - In-place- In-service- Transportation-Heavy lift


•  Design of modular structures, integrated units,    multilevel units


•  Structural Drafting (AutoCAD, CAD Work), 3D    Modeling


•  Bill of Quantities and material specifications


•  Local and Global strength analysis,    hydrodynamic - model analysis


•  Load outs, float off, float over analysis

Electrical Design

•  Power System Studies.

   - Load Flow

   - Short Circuit

   - Motor Starting etc


•  Power Generation and System Design


•  Single Line Diagrams (SLDs)- ETAP


•  Protection Relay Coordination Diagram


•  Cable System Design, Scheduling and

   Take - off


•  Lighting System Design


•  Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) - Design    and - Specification


•  Cable & Equipment layout


•  Electrical Terminal Connection Diagram


•  Requisitioning and Review of Vendor 

   Drawings / Specifications